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A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue

Las Vegas, NV

Our Mission

DURING THE COVID 19 SHUT DOWN, WE WILL BE HOLDING ADOPTIONS BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY. We will return to CAL Ranch once deemed safe for the public and our volunteers to do so.

COMING BACK SOON: adoptions at C-A-L Ranch, 232 N. Jones (I-95) every Sat and Sun from 10-4pm

We are an organization who rescues all breeds of dogs to give them a second chance at finding a loving home.

We have grown to be one of Nevada's largest animal rescue groups providing a safe haven for dogs suffering from abuse, neglect or homelessness. In most of these cases, death would have resulted if the animal had entered a municipally funded shelter.

We receive no local or federal funding, it relies solely on the generosity of its contributors and tax deductible donations received from the public.

Please browse through our site and make suggestions on what type information you would like to see displayed.


May it be big, small, private, or making a donation gift in lieu party, please contact us at 702-591-6469

Adoption Policy

Please email us at before the events to make sure the dog that you are interested in,  is scheduled to be there.

We have an application process at the time of adoption.  You will need proof of address and your drivers license.  You must be 21 yrs old to adopt.  If you live at home with relatives, we must have verification from the home owner that you are allowed to adopt.

Renters must show proof of pet restrictions whether it be weight, age or breed restrictions.  We will not adopt a dog that is outside of these restrictions. 

All family members need to attend for the meet/greet.

We limit our adoptions to a 3 hour drive radius of Las Vegas, NV.  Out of state adoptions are allowed as long as you are within the 3 hour radius. 

If you have another dog in the home, you must bring your dog so that a proper introduction can be made prior to the adoption.

We do reserve the right to schedule a home check prior to the adoption.

Adoption fees do apply.  They range from $100 to $399 based on the age, breed and special needs of the dog.  All dogs are spay or neutered before they can go home.  If they are not altered prior to the adoption event, you will pick up at our vet clinic after they are spayed/neutered.

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    Saturday COMING BACK SOON: CURRENTLY BY APPT ONLY 10-4 C-A-L Ranch, 232 N. Jones (I-95)
    Sunday COMING BACK SOON: CURRENTLY BY APPT ONLY -10-4 C-A-L Ranch, 232 N. Jones (I-95)
    By appointment only
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