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Crazy4Pawz Animal Rescue

Henderson, NV

Our Mission

Crazy4Pawz Animal Rescue helps care for unwanted and abandoned pets in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. We educate the public and raise awareness of the ongoing struggle of taking proper care of pets and the importance of spay/neutering.

Adoption Policy

1. Fill out an interest form on the website. I check out the property online, if they rent, they must provide a letter from the landlord. I also pull the property on the assessor's page to make sure they own the home if they put that on the form or get the landlord's name.

2. I call and do a phone interview and discuss the history of the animal and go over the adoption process and home check requirements. I also go over the lifestyle they have and make sure that is what the animal needs.

3. Homecheck and meet n greet in their home. I make sure all gates have locks, if not, I provide them one, I meet all family members including fur members. If they have other animals, we start out at a park, then the front yard, then to the backyard, and finally into the home. Pool must be gated and all possible egress areas are blocked off.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets