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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer immediate care and assistance to abandoned homeless and surrendered animals, thus keeping them out of our already over-crowded city shelters where the euthanasia rate is astronomical.
The goal will ultimately be adoption into forever homes. We are also set up to house approximately 50 animals at any given time, should the need arise.

We will protect the welfare of these animals and promote humane treatment and wellbeing by:
Providing shelter and any necessary medical care, including spaying and neutering of any animal coming through our organization.
Promote suitable adoption.
Promote animal welfare legislation regarding cruelty to animals as well as the over-breeding. And to promote public education.

We partner with other organizations, city shelters, local veterinarians, businesses and supporters to reach our goals.

Adoption Policy

We have an application/questionnaire that all potential adopters must fill out. We will review the application and then conduct an oral interview. A home check may be required.

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Recommended Pets