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EnchantMutts, Inc.

Albuquerque, NM

Our Mission

EnchantMutts, Inc. is a small non-profit, all volunteer rescue organization committed to promoting humane treatment for neglected, abandoned and unwanted animals through the three "R's" - Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming. Education is also a large part of our program.

Adoption Policy

NOTE: We do NOT adopt our animals out of the State of New Mexico.

Prior to adoption (special accommodations can be made for puppies** and certain circumstances), all of our dogs are:
* spayed or neutered*
* vaccinated
* heartworm and tick borne illness tested and on preventative
* microchipped
* dewormed and tested for tick borne diseases
* given necessary medical treatment if needed while in our care - including surgery, blood panels, aides, if needed and on a case-by-case basis. All known health information that we are aware of is divulged on our animals
*Well-loved in foster homes where they receive premium care and basic training.
**Depending on their age at adoption, puppies will require follow-up care after adoption (spay/neuter, additional vaccinations) - we do not spay or neuter puppies until they are a minimum of six (6) months old and adopters will adhere to our puppy contracts.

Adoption Process:
We are dedicated to finding the best matches for both our animals and adoptive families. We spent time getting to know the animals in our care during the foster period so we are very much aware of the most compatible homes for them based on their personalities and their needs. We follow a specific adoption process.

Here are the steps required to adopt a dog:
* complete and submit an adoption application (found below)
* you will be contacted to discuss the dog/cat you are interested in and we will talk about the possible fit and review your application with you
* if it seems as it would be a good fit, we will have you meet the dog
* a mandatory home visit will be made
* references will be contacted
* if there are existing animals in the home, introductions will be arranged to ensure compatibility prior to any sleepover or adoption
* sleepover (yes - we pack their overnight bags for a test drive to make sure it is a fit)
contract is required to adopt
* must be 21 to adopt
Adoption Fees:
dogs: up to $300
seniors: adoption fees for our seniors are on a case by case basis - normally there is no adoption fee but we fully expect their families to continue the regiment of supplements and care predetermined for the dog to allow them to live full and happy lives for the time they have left.
It is very seldom that we adopt our dogs into a single animal home and puppies will only go to homes that have another suitable dog in the home. We believe that dogs are pack animals and they need canine companionship as well as human companionship.
Due to the dog breeds we tend to work with - working dogs - they will require homes with fully fenced yards and apartments are not a good fit.
Ready to get started?
If you are interested in one of our animals for adoption, please fill out an adoption application found on our website - Email the completed application to the contact person listed in the animal's description. If no email address is listed, please send the application to Please note that completion of an application does not guarantee adoption of a pet - we focus completely on the right home for the animal and for the family.

You must be at least 21 years of age to apply for or adopt an animal

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