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GA/NC - Maine Coon Rescue

West Milford, NJ

Our Mission

We are a nationwide network of volunteers who share one love, our beloved Maine Coon Cats. Our mission is:

To rescue abused, abandoned, surrendered, and homeless Maine Coon (MC) cats, whether registered or not.
To act as a liaison between shelters, animal control, and disaster agencies nationwide.
To assist in providing appropriate medical care to ensure all MC and MC Mix cats placed directly through, or into carefully screened Maine Coon Rescue (MCR) foster homes are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for FeLV/FIV.
To provide carefully screened foster homes prior to re-homing.
To assist in assuring that they are placed in carefully screened forever homes.
To share our wisdom and knowledge of this magnificent breed to assist in identifying MC/MC Mix cats that wind up in shelters.
To educate potential adopters about the breed.
To alert breeders that a cat from their cattery may need help.
To network with other rescue and transport groups and pool our resources.
To help transport MC/MC mix cats to their temporary foster or new forever homes.
To remain ever at hand, if needed, after a successful rescue has taken place.
To assist in providing resources, education, and information regarding spay/neuter, declawing, behavior problems, and indoor/outdoor issues.

Adoption Policy

Want to know the steps of our Adoption Process?

1 - One of the first steps to take is to look at our available cats. Know what you are looking for in a new family member and see if one of our cats fits into that description. The adoption application will ask you what cat you are interested in applying for.
2 - Please fill out our online adoption application to the best of your ability. Any omitted or incomplete information may delay the processing of your application or result in your application being denied. Once you submit our online adoption, you will hear from our Adoption Coordinator or one of our Case Managers.
3 - You will receive a phone call from your Case Manager. You may also receive an email from your Case Manager if they are unable to reach you.
4 - Your Case Manager will conduct a telephone interview with you, your personal reference, a landlord (if applicable), and verify your listed vet reference. After the interviews, your application will be voted on for approval or denial by our rescue committee. You will be notified by your Case Manager of the voting outcome.
5 - If approved, you will be asked to submit the adoption agreement, and introduction agreement, and pay the adoption fee. Once those items are received, arrangements can be made between you and the foster to pick the cat up.

*We ask that you keep in mind that we are an all-volunteer organization. We try our best to be professional and efficient, however, there are times that we may be unable to return an email or call immediately. Please be sure that we will communicate with you as soon as possible.*

Please fill out an online Adoption Application.

Adoption Prices

MCR adoption fees are:

Purebred Maine Coon Kitten with papers - $425.00
Purebred Maine Coon Kitten without papers - $375.00
Maine Coon Mix kittens (altered; spayed or neutered.) - $225.00
Non-Maine Coon cats/kittens (DSH etc.) - $150.00
Purebred Maine Coon Young Adult with papers (1 - 6 years) - $325.00
Purebred Maine Coon Young Adult without papers (1 - 6 years) - $275.00
Purebred Maine Coon Adult with papers (7 - 10 years) - $275.00
Purebred Maine Coon Adult without papers (7 - 10 years) -$225.00
Special Needs Cats - $175.00 (all)
Maine Coon Mix Adults (1 - 9 years) - $200.00
Seniors 10 years and older/Senior Purebred Maine Coon (11 years and older) - $175.00

Maine Coon Rescue also requires an $85.00 transport fee on all adoptions, unless the adopter drives halfway. (Please note that not every cat is a candidate for transport. Your Case Manager will discuss transport with you during the screening process.)

If you have specific questions, please email us at

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