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Our Mission

Here at Agape love for Mutts inc our purpose is to save the lives of innocent dogs through shelter, abuse cases, neglect cases, strays, medical cases, abandonment, or owner surrender. We work closely with our local shelter and surrounding to help in our community, but also work closely with out of state shelters as well, to give dogs a second chance at life that without us they would not receive. We are a 501 c 3 non-profit located out of South Jersey. We are foster based, meaning: All of our dogs go into home settings before being adopted out. We do not own a facility or have kennels where we house dogs. Agape love for mutts inc stands behind all of their dogs no matter what, we have two behaviorists in New Jersey who take on our more severe cases. We fully vet all of our dogs before being adopted out. Agape love for mutts inc is a non-kill organization, if a dog can not be adopted out to the public they either go to a dog sanctuary or to the Rescues headquarters and live out their life. We have a strong commitment to reducing the numbers of animals in need, and require all rescued animals to be spayed or neutered, unless medically prohibited by a veterinarian. We endorse the dissemination of animal education and humane husbandry practices.We work very closely with other rescues and no-kill shelters who share our mission. We raise money to pay for, or arrange foster care, transportation, and medical treatment. Our goal is successful permanent home placement.

Adoption Policy

Our first step is to complete an application
next we go over the application
after that we call their vet, and three other references
if that all pans out we do a home visit in person
after that a meet and greet at our headquaters and then finally a meet and greet at their new home!

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