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Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue

South Orange, NJ

Our Mission

Morgan Le Fay Cat Rescue on October 1, 2014 removed the last cats from a local shelter about to close! 47 cats were saved!

We brought adopters to the shelter, moved cats into our foster homes,  and adopted directly through our rescue. We also.raised money for placement in sanctuaries, transported the cats who were appropriate for such placement, and finally are placing the last wonderful cats up for adoption.

It was a happy start for the month of October and we now will be busy getting these sweet cats into their permanent homes.



We are an energetic and compassionately committed foster group, who work at filling the gap between shelter life and homelessness.

We pride ourselves in our tenacity and quick response. If we can't help ourselves we look to find someone who can!

We simply don't give up!

Adoption Policy

We get very enthused when we hear you are thinking of adopting so if you would please fill out the application and email it to us, we can give it our immediate attention and respond quickly!

We are a foster group, therefor we have no shelter, but we arrange with foster families to have visits, during the pandemic we are not doing adoption events.

We do our best to adopt with local vet references. South Orange, Maplewood, Milburn and West Orange are our main adoption areas. We are familiar with many of the vets in our towns and rely on them for references. Adopting locally serves two purposes. We can do home visits or help new kittens adjust. We can allow other rescues to do the same by not infringing on their territory.
When we get requests we often recommend rescues that we know who may have a kitten that might be perfect for the adopter.
We also often suggest overcrowded shelters that do not qualify as No Kill because of space constraints.
All of this help get as many animals in the perfect homes as possible.


Please contact us if you would like to foster for us! We can always use temporary families for our furry friends.

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