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Pug Rescue Adoption Assistance of South Jersey

Sicklerville, NJ

Our Mission

Pug Rescue Adoption Assistance of south jersey...Assists Owners in finding a new and forever home for each pug ..

We are a small all volunteer group that works off of foster homes with each pug ..
we have a page on Facebook
Applications are sent to you by email ..

Pug Rescue adoption assistance of south jersey ..can be found on Facebook as well ..

Pug Rescue Assistance of South Jersey,assists owners who can no longer keep there pugs,

we have many people on a wait lists for pugs,so the keep is not long... We are not breeders no do we sell dogs. We have a pug club as well, called south Jersey pugs Poop Dog Petsitting/Dog our sister page that supports the rescue efforts ..

This is not a shelter .. all pugs come in are vetted spay and neuter and proper vaccines are given ..

All rules on adopting is usually listed on each of our pugs put up for adoption .. the rules are firm and no exceptions are made ..

Thank you .

Adoption Policy

Pug Rescue Adoption Assistance of South Jersey, is committed to finding the best homes for the animals in its care. We spend a lot of time making sure that when an animal is adopted it is a good match for both the new owner and the animal. We require a home visit prior to adoption and references. We do not follow a first come first serve process. We make follow-up visits too, and provide counseling if needed on advice with each pug ..

A long-term committment such as pet adoption is not one that we feel should be made hastily and without thought. Animals bond to new owners quickly and it is sad for everyone if an animal must be returned. Sometimes, however, a new owner finds that the animal after all is not a good match, or there is a life change that makes it hard to give the animal proper care.   Policy is that any of its dogs can be returned at any time, no matter how long since adopted ..


Rules on adopting ..?

Vet references
Home visits
Fence in yards
No apartments
No children under 13
No bully breeds or large dogs in the household in which the pug will reside ..
No out of state adoptions
Each pug will state if it’s local only or open to all of NJ only ..
adoption fees apply
Applied fees apply

Please note …
We are a small rescue with volunteers and use foster homes we are not a shelter nor a breeder .. we my at times take on breeder surrenders but not often .. which my be a pug puppy or 2 that they could not sell ..

Please do not haress the rescue with things on these rules .. these rules are in place for reasons if you find a problem with them please go to your local shelter or area rescue to adopt ..

Thank you again

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