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Starfish Kittens Rescue

Rutherford, NJ

Our Mission

Starfish Kittens is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue organization dedicated to serving orphan infant kittens called “bottle-babies” who are not yet able to eat on their own and require bottle feeding (and often critical care) to survive without mother cat.

Starfish Kittens Rescue is a foster-based, volunteer effort devoted to the rescue, foster, medical care and responsible adoption of bottle-baby kittens.

Adoption Policy

Our adoptable kittens are cared for in foster homes throughout NJ. We are happy to set up an appointment for you to meet our adoptables.

Adoptions follow a process of application, review and approval before kitten transfer then follow ups on any remaining required veterinary care including additional deworming, vaccinations and spay/neuter. We do not offer same day adoption.

To fill out an Adoption Application please visit our website:

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