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Our Mission

Happy Homes Animal Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


Adoption Policy

Once you have found the pet of your dreams you are required to fill out our adoption application (link at bottom of this page) or contact Happy Homes at 732-588-6578. You may text us as well.

Following the review of your application you will then receive a call from one of our volunteers to discuss your application further. We will also call your references and the veterinarian you provided us with. If you do not have a current veterinarian we require that you set up an account with one.

We require a $225 donation for one kitten and $400 for a pair of kittens. The donation for adult cats is $195 and $350 for a pair. Contact us for the adoption fee for any of our specialty breed cats (Siamese, Bengals, Persians, Scottish Folds, etc.). This donation helps to cover our veterinary costs and care. All cats have been vaccinated, microchipped, tested for FIV/FELV, treated for parasites, and spayed or neutered.

We will arrange for you to meet your potential new family member at one of our adoption event locations. If you are pre-approved you will be permitted to bring your family member home that day. If you are still in the application process, we will arrange for you to take your cat home another day.

When adopting a kitten, we suggest that kittens be adopted in pairs if there is not a companion cat at home. Cats are social by nature and do much better with the companionship of another cat.

Please click on the link on the right to fill out our adoption application and don't forget to follow us on FaceBook. Thank you!


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets