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Our Mission

Forest Hill Friends is a tiny non-profit doing the daily work of helping homeless animals. It begins with TNR —Trap-Neuter-Return — the most humane and effective way to manage community cat populations. As volunteers, we spend time, effort, mileage and money trapping cats, transporting them for neutering and vaccines, caring for them during recovery, and ensuring they will continue to receive food and shelter once returned to their turfs. We also find a staggering number of friendly cats, some of whom need additional medical care and who have to be housed and cared for until permanent homes can be found.

Adoption Policy

Adopters fill out application with baseline questions about contact info, employment, housing, household members, current and prior pet history, intentions for new pet (indoors? declaw? longevity of care), family allergies, travel habits, vet references.

Application is reviewed, calls are made to vet, lease is examined (if applicable), and additional questions will be asked via phone or email sparked by response on the application. (If things don't quite mesh between app and vet), also more questions about the physical environment (how readily escapable is the dwelling, etc.)

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Recommended Pets