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New Pawsibilities

Maple Shade, NJ

Our Mission

New Pawsibilities cat rescue is a 501c3 dedicated to saving at-risk, abandoned, or surrendered cats. We will provide loving care vetting and foster care to any cats we take into our rescue. We promise to only intake the amount of animals that can be properly vetted cared for and housed with our trusted volunteers. We also will provide the best care in loving foster homes/ our adoption center until we can place the animal with a lifelong happy home with the proper screening of adopters considered for the animal. We also promise to give each animal the best veterinary care for a healthy life and will provide humane euthanasia to animals who we have tried every possible medical treatment to that is unable to thrive or live pain-free. Our main mission is saving cats in the safest, healthiest, loving environment.

Adoption Policy

We make sure the home is a right fit for the cat (if they will get along with other household pets already there, or if they are young and need a playmate we will not send home as an only cat). We then complete a veterinary check and landlord check when applicable. If all checks out, we then set up a final adoption meet where they can take home at that point (they may have already had a first meet).

Our policy on kittens: kittens need to be adopted in pairs or to a home that already has a playmate.

Must be 25 and over to adopt.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets