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Our Mission

"...a feral cat is just a cat who doesn't have a home..."

Cattitude Inc is an All-Volunteer New Jersey Non-Profit Cat Rescue Corporation. Our rescue focus is on homeless & abandoned cats & kittens with particular emphasis on pregnant or nursing cats.

Our mission is the rescue and adoption of homeless and abandoned domestic cats. Our volunteers remove cats from dangerous or otherwise inappropriate environments. Rescued cats are then provided foster care, vet care, socialization and any other appropriate intervention. Our volunteers also:

Facilitate the adoption of cats impounded in local municipal shelters whenever possible.

Participate in and promote spay/neuter programs designed to reduce the stray cat population in our local community.

Provide information about pet safety, pet training, pet birth control, emergency care and otherwise promote appropriate treatment of dogs & cats.

Strive to prevent cruelty to all animals.

Adoption Policy

All cats & kittens in the Cattitude Inc adoption process have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated & have tested negative for fiv/felv. Cattitude Inc does not adopt out unspayed or unneutered kittens or cats.

A potential adopter selects a cat or kitten that they are interested in meeting. They must complete a Cat Adoption Application and send via email to Cattitude Inc. All applications to adopt are promptly reviewed. The review process may take 5 business days.

If the application to adopt is accepted there is an Adoption Contract.

The typical adoption donation is a reimbursement of the total costs of having a cat or kitten spayed/neutered, vaccinated against rabies & distemper, tested for fiv/felv which makes it possible for another homeless kitten or cat to be rescued.

Cattitude Inc does not sell cats or kittens.

All donations are tax deductible as provided by in IRS rules & regulations

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets