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Forked River, NJ 08731

Adoption Policy

HELP for a Pug? If there is a pug in need of help or if you have to surrender your pug in NJ contact Pug Planet Rescue at: Email: We are a group of dedicated pug loving people who volunteer our time to help pugs in need. We rescue abandoned, abused, and unwanted pugs of all ages pugs in need covering all of NJ and surrounding areas. Pugs are vetted and some need rehab until placed in forever homes.

Help make a difference in the life of a rescued pug!! Support Pug Rescue Efforts! There are plenty of ways to help pug rescue efforts! In addition to our hard work and dedication to Pug rescue it does comes with a never ending financial issue we face. Some pugs can cost hundreds even thousands to vet and rehabilitate depending on each pugs circumstance. We appreciate support for our efforts in order to continue helping pugs that are in need. Gift certificates to help our rescue needs are appreciated and can be sent to us online via Physical cards Petco, PetSmart, Pet Value can be sent to our mailing address.

Requesting an application by E MAIL is the first STEP in adopting from Pug Planet. When you see a a pug you are interested in adopting Tell us something about the home you are able to provide and PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS otherwise we will not be able to send you an application! Please read each pet's bio ALL the information is posted. Some may be in the process of adoption by the time your application is approved.
Once your application is pending approval a home visit and interview will follow. Please NOTE: Submitting an application does not mean you are approved to adopt the pet you have applied for. You will be notified if you have final approval. The final step in adoption is the adoption agreement and bringing your new pet into your home.
***Please note we are NOT a shelter so the pugs cannot be visited until your application is first approved.***Pugs are fostered by volunteers throughout the state of NJ not at our mailing address.
*****IMPORTANT INFO*****Our goal is to match each pugs needs in finding a forever home for every rescued pug. The pug you apply for may not be the best candidate for your lifestyle or living situation. It is the decision of the rescue and that pugs foster parent(s) to decide if your application is a match and therfore we will contact you to proceed with a homevisit.

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