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Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue

Flemington, NJ

Our Mission

Watchung Mountain Poodle Club Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization consisting of a group of volunteers in New Jersey working to find good loving homes for homeless poodles. We do not have a shelter or adoption center. We are a collection of volunteers donating our time and love. We accept poodles primarily from homes where it is no longer possible to keep them.

We can only accept dogs from New Jersey and we only place our dogs with adopters living in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. On an exception basis, we may consider adopters from Delaware and Maryland

Our Poodles
Our dogs come from a variety of places. We accept dogs in good health without a history of biting. Currently most of our dogs are owner surrenders who may have behavioral issues that need time and patience to work through.

Most of our rescue dogs are purebred poodles although we might have some mixes. The poodles we place are fully vetted with shots for rabies and distemper, fecal and heart-worm check, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered. In the case of older dogs, a dental cleaning may also be done.

It may be important to note that rescue dogs are NOT a low-cost alternative to purchasing a dog from a breeder. To begin with, we seldom have puppies and rarely have dogs younger than 2 years of age. Additionally, females are not common.
If you are very particular in regard to the size, age, color, gender or future task of your dog, it would be best to contact a reputable breeder for a suitable puppy.
Adopting a rescue poodle is a good deed, not a cost-saving consumer decision.

In need of help?
If you can no longer keep your poodle please email

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, the first step in the process is completing an application. We require references from your vet and groomer. We verify that your previous pets received regular veterinary care. We place our dogs only in homes where all of the current pets are spayed/neutered and are receiving regular and appropriate medical care. In most cases, we require a traditionally fenced yard, not an electronic/invisible fence.

We welcome your application for a specific poodle. However we try very hard to match the right dog to the right home, believing this is the most successful way to have a happy outcome for both you and the dog. In the case of multiple applications for one dog, we give much thought to our placement decisions which are based solely on the welfare of the dog. Dogs are always placed in the home that most closely can match their needs rather than the order received of the application and the potential adopter must come to meet the dog in their foster space. We do not "deliver" or do long distance transport due to shortage of volunteers..

Adoption Donations
Suggested adoption donations vary with each dog. They are on a sliding scale, based on the age of the dog. The higher suggested donations for a younger dog help to offset our much higher veterinary costs associated with our older rescue dogs. Our rescue efforts are entirely funded by our adoption donations and we receive no outside monetary assistance. We do not offer "free" dogs.

When we do have puppies under a year they are $600.
For a dog twelve to eighteen months $500, from eighteen months of age to four years $450, five years of age to six years $350, seven years and above $100. At times we may charge a special fee for a highly desirable dog or a lesser fee for a special needs dog.

Want to help?
We need foster homes. Rescue dogs always need TLC but often need a refresher course in house manners, house-training with a crate, basic obedience and leash training. If you are a good, loving pet owner with recent vet references and some basic dog experience, we would love to meet you. It is a wonderful feeling when you watch a formerly unwanted dog walk off with his new family, happy and confident, thanks to your efforts. If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please email

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