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Our Mission

Miss Pat's Cats was founded in 2014. The primary mission is to help the cats of the inner city. This may be through support of feral cat colonies, TNR, rescuing those put out of their home and those that are injured and sick, hosting adoption events and working with other groups with a similar mission.

We are a 501c3 Organisation

Adoption Policy

Adoption application and contract are required. If adopter leases their home then a copy of the lease stating that pets are permitted is required. If adopter is over 65 years old and adopting a young cat or kitten, a notarized letter stating that there will be a next of kin to care for the cat is required. ALL POTENTIAL ADOPTERS MUST RESIDE IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY. Adoption fees are $200 per cat and 2 for $350. Full vetting including spay/neuter is included.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets