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Our Mission

People buy from the pet industry over and over when many don't know that rescues and shelters house thousands of unwanted Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs that need homes. Over 5 million animals die in shelters around the country due to lack of homes and irresponsible owners.

First and foremost visit a shelter. Your heart will know NO difference when it falls in love.

A pet is for life, if you are not ready or unsure of your future living status, waiting to adopt is the right thing to do. When you are ready, visit a shelter in your area! If not sure where one is, email us at and we'll provide you a list. Always adopt first!

We pride ourselves on getting back to you with answers to your questions or whatever you need. 

Adopting a pet should be a

Happy Times, Fun Experience, Teach Responsibility....and most of all
Safe with a Reputable Shelter or Rescue Organization that spays and neuters prior to any and all adoptions!

We are here for just this reason - get  you the info you need to do just this!  Contact us anytime with your questions or concerns

Adoption Policy

Shelters / Animal Controls:  Publicly Run contracted by your town.  Open access means they MUST take every surrender or stray.  Space is at a premium and coupled with labor issues and intake volume, this becomes a recipe for a high kill facility never taken lightly by the staff who work so to get one more animal to a home.  Many of our dogs come from OA shelters where their time was up. Here is the where you will save a life if you adopt from an OA Shelter. 
Shelters - Limited Access - Privately run.  Will take surrenders and strays

Paulie, Philly ACC euth list Bailey, Owner Surrender, Allergic Buddy, Staten Island ACC Owner surrender Grant, 1 Day Euth list Survivor, Manhattan Kirby, 2 day Euth list survivor! Brooklyn, NY

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets