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A Helping Wing Parrot Rescue

Blairstown, NJ

Adoption Policy

The first step in our process is to complete the online application on our website at

After I receive, we will be in touch to review your information and with any questions we may have. There are multiple visits required to interact with the bird you connect with. Your first visit is what I compare to speed dating, you will meet many wonderful and sweet birds and we see who you connect with, attention is paid for how birds respond, we base our adoptions on the birds input and tell all adopters that when we let the bird choose, it's always a good match! During the visit time frame, we typically perform a home visit as well. The home visit is a great chance to review bringing home a rescue bird, where to setup cages, dangers in the home that many people may not consider, diet, daily routines, etc.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets