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Communities Altering The Strays (CATS)

Belvidere, NJ

Our Mission

To drastically and humanely reduce the overpopulation of feral cats using methods of trap, neuter, return (TNR). We educate the public that spaying and neutering of feral cats, stray cats, and family pets is imperative to limiting the number of cats killed in shelters every day. We provide one-on-one instruction, loan traps and cages, and provide support in every aspect of the TNR process. Our philosophy is that for every person that learns TNR, then that person becomes a teacher, and so on and so-forth.

Adoption Policy

Application and background check is required. All cats are to be kept indoors (unless otherwise agreed) and no cats are to be declawed. We accept all of our adopted cats back into our group because life's circumstances can change and we do not want cats abandoned or placed into shelters. Adoption fees vary, but are usually below the standard adoption fee in our region.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets