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Our Mission

For The Love of Birds is a bird rescue operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes of companion birds through rescue, care and placement. 
We are a 501c3 nonprofit registered in the State of New Jersey. We possess a permit from the State of New Jersey, Division of Fish & Wildlife for Exotic and Non-Game Wildlife Species Possession.
Beliefs: Each bird is an individual and is encouraged at their own pace to develop a sense of security, confidence, positive interaction with humans and develop skills to succeed in their next home. Birds are cared for in a private foster home, given a healthy varied diet and lots of toys, until a suitable and loving new home is found.
Each bird in our care will be treated as an individual and worked with to improve their diet, health, sense of security, joy, confidence and positive interaction with humans. We will work with the bird to build trust, activate their seeking system and develop skills to succeed in their next home. Each bird will be cared for in a private foster home.
We do not ship birds as we believe this is very stressful for them.

Adoption Policy

We are a network of foster homes located throughout New Jersey.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets