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Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Center

14 West Swanzey Road
Swanzey, NH 03446

Our Mission

Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption is dedicated to educating the public about Greyhounds and sighthounds from around the world as well as finding responsible, loving homes for them.

Fast Friends is a state-licensed animal shelter and non-profit organization founded in 1992 in West Swanzey, NH. We are involved with canine education and training in our community and provide a resource center to support the local community and greyhound and sighthound organizations worldwide. As an essential part of our mission, we are committed to enriching the lives of those in our community, both human and animal.

Adoption Policy

Greyhounds placed through Fast Friends are usually between two and five years old. These greyhounds have been raised in a kennel environment, so life in a home with people is a completely new experience. New owners of a retired racer must be patient and willing to help their greyhound adjust to life after the track.

Once we review your completed application and reference from your veterinarian, we will contact you to arrange an interview with your entire family. The interview gives us an opportunity to fully explain the nature of greyhounds and get to know you.

Then, Fast Friends will help you choose the greyhound who is the best fit for your household and lifestyle. We have approximately 40 greyhounds available at any time, both boys and girls, many of whom get along well with cats and other dogs.

Once you have selected a greyhound to join your family, a representative from Fast Friends will come out to your home and go over training solutions for helping your greyhound becoming fully house-trained, learn to navigate stairs, and more.

If you are interested in coming in to meet the adoptable Greyhounds, please call ahead to schedule an appointment and bring your completed adoption application when you come.

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