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Straight Outta Texas

Strafford, NH

Our Mission

Straight Outta Texas is a non-profit all breed rescue. Our rescue is run by volunteers who are dedicated to reducing neglect and abuse of dogs in Texas. Our team volunteers their time and resources to help save lives.
Our Goals:
* Adopt dogs into loving homes in New England. Once adopted, our dogs are transported from Houston to Connecticut for pick-up by the adopters.
* Rescue abandoned and owner surrender dogs in the greater Houston community
* Promote spay/neuter to end the overpopulation
What We Do:
Every dog in our rescue is in a foster home. They receive shelter, food, water and love. Medical needs are taken care of and all Vet care is provided by the rescue. We rely solely on donations from private individuals who support us in carrying out our mission.

Adoption Policy

We have a team of adoption coordinators who process applications. We make contact with the applicant to field any questions.
We confirm home ownership if the applicant owns. If they rent, we will call the landlord to make sure they are allowed to have a dog and to find out if there are any size/breed restrictions.
We ask applicants to send us videos of their main living space and outdoor area.
If the applicant currently has pets, we ask them to give their vet permission to speak to us so we can call and get a vet reference.
We then check with personal references.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets