Our Mission

Mary's Dogs has a very active, bright and energetic Rescue Team in place. Our primary goal is to help nurture a bond between you and the dog who "finds" you. Our adoptions do not end when a dog goes home. We're committed to follow up (forever, but particularly through the first year) and support. We place great importance on training and ongoing education and we're ready to help! 

See how active our community is. Find Mary's Dogs on Facebook. Loads of pictures and a whole lot of engagement.


The 10+ member rescue team is hard working and motivated to find wonderful homes for dogs and puppies! We would love to help you find a wonderful addition to your family.

Adoption Policy

I'm eager to get these pups into their forever homes! You can bet you won't have to wait around for me to respond to an email or phone call. I'll be in touch with you almost immediately. If you submit an application and I don't respond, please follow up with an email or phone call, as ocassionally something goes wrong with an online application submission.

If you have questions about a particular dog or puppy or simply want to inquire about their availability, send an email to marysdogsadoptions@gmail.com or even better? Submit our online questionnaire at marysdogs.com

Do you want to see ALL the dogs in the Mary's Dogs Den? CLICK HERE to see all the dogs looking for their families in our Facebook Album, "Current Adoptable Tail Waggers"  http://on.fb.me/Qg7E7S

Potential adopters should fill out our adoption questionnaire which can be found on our Mary's Dogs website here:

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