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Our Mission

Barking Dog Farm Rescue is dedicated to rescuing unwanted and sometimes sick or mistreated animals by providing rehabilitation through vet care and training and finding permanent loving homes. To promote animal welfare and prevent cruelty to animals. To educate the public about humane treatment of animals including good husbandry, routine veterinary care as well as to promote sterilization of animals to prevent over population.

Adoption Policy

We do not follow a first come first serve basis but rather match the pet to the best possible home to meet it's needs and ensure the likelihood the pet will stay in that home for the duration of it's life.
We have a lengthy application that helps us get info on potential adopters home and lifestyle as well as experience.
If applicant appears to be a match we conduct a telephone interview. We call a landlord if applicable as well as vet and two personal references. A virtual home visit will be done ( hopeful to return to in person home visits ). Finally all family members come to meet the pet and if all are in agreement the adoption takes place including signing an adoption contract. We do give adopters two weeks to return pet for full refund if it doesn't seem to be working.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets