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Our Mission

Blue River Pet Rescue exists to achieve the overall goal of being able to provide Seward Nebraska and surrounding counties with care and shelter for pet animals that no longer have homes.

We believe that all animals have basic needs that should be met. Two important needs are food and shelter from the elements. A third need we believe to be important for these pet animals is companionship.

Our goal is to be able to operate a shelter facility in order to provide for those needs. The support of community members such as your self will be critical in our ability to realize that goal.

Adoption Policy

There are many reasons people choose to adopt pets. Whether seeking companionship, love, or a playmate for your child, a pet will offer company, unconditional acceptance and love, a listening ear and years of joy to you and your family. In return, they ask merely for food, shelter and a family to love.

By adopting a pet from our shelter, you will be gaining friendship and love. You will be helping solve the pet population problem and providing a service to your community. You offer your children the opportunity to learn the importance of responsibility; and you offer a pet in need a new chance at life, and a new family to love.

If you are considering a pet adoption, or believe you may be a fit for our foster program, please contact our shelter. We will work with you to help find a pet that fits well with your family, your home and with the pace of your lifestyle.

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