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Who and What is "FUR?"

Fur the Love of PAWS is a licensed and 501c3 animal rescue dedicated to finding homes or rescue for animals at the North Platte Animal Shelter through evaluating the dogs and cats, creating and providing the pets with information tags for their shelter kennel, taking pictures and videos for online networking and helping to link up potential adopters with pets in need. Our primary goal is to save the pets in our local shelter.
We provide vet care, foster homes and assistance rehoming for certain pets in need; such as those who are injured, ill, or those who are not acclimating well in the shelter environment.
All animals pulled into FUR Rescue are fully vetted by our veterinarians and assessed to get to know their personality and likes/dislikes. Adoptions require applications, home and vet checks, and agreements to help provide a forever fit and reassurance of our commitment to the pets that we rescue.


Adoption Policy

We post two kinds of pets on Petfinder:

1. Long term city shelter residents (these do not require rescue steps to adopt) (They can be seen here: )

2. Pets IN our rescue (They are on Petfinder)

Adopting a Friend:
There is an adoption application and simple process required prior to adopting an animal. There is an adoption donation/fee applied to all pets. These fees help cover the veterinary care we have provided for the animals while they wait for homes.
If you would like to apply to adopt one of our dogs or cats, please contact us.
Please remember.......our first and ONLY consideration is the safety and happiness of our dogs and cats.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets