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Pug Partners of Nebraska

Fort Calhoun, NE

Our Mission

Pug Partners of Nebraska is a 501c3, non-profit organization comprised of dedicated volunteers who are committed to rescuing and re-homing pugs in need. We believe that all pugs deserve a chance to be loved and to love a human companion.

The majority of our rescue pugs come from what is called a puppy mill (a mass breeding facility), and we are very dedicated to these special dogs and providing them with the life they deserve. Our main purpose is to provide all of our rescue pugs with a loving foster home, quality dog food, medical care, and any other need that they may have while in our care. Our ultimate goal is to place each pug into a forever family that will continue to show the pug love, attention, and provide the care that they each deserve.

We strive to educate our adopters and the public about our wonderful pug breed. Although pugs are quite different from most breeds, we want to show people how amazing these small dogs can be, and how they are great companions.

Adoption Policy

In order to be able to adopt with us, you must meet the following basic requirements:
- You must be at least 21 years of age.
- You cannot have been convicted of any animal abuse laws.
- The pug must not be a gift or “surprise” for another person.
- All pets in the home must be altered, unless a medical reason is provided to us by a veterinarian.
- All pets in the home must be up to date on vaccinations per minimum vaccination policy.
- You must agree to feed your pug an approved, high-quality dog food (see examples).
- You cannot have an invisible fence
- If you have a dog door, it must only be used under supervision
- If you live in a rental property, you must provide a signed letter of approval from your landlord or other documentation stating you are allowed you to have a pug.
- You must agree to pay the adoption donation
- If you live outside of Nebraska, you must be willing to arrange safe transportation for the pug

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