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East Point Horspice

Alliance, NE

Our Mission

To improve and enrich the lives of abandoned, abused or neglected horses, in addition to the people with which they have contact, through education, care, rehabilitation, and equine assisted services.
Including, but not limited to:
?Offer any necessary aid for equines when there may have existed neglect or abuse.
?Provide shelter, rehabilitation and adoption to those animals in need of these services.
?Create an atmosphere where any horse or person with which we come in contact will improve physically and emotionally, therefore developing a rewarding relationship for all concerned. (This includes infants to elderly and all challenges which a person may encounter along their journey of life.)
?Offer educational programs through equine assisted services, equine assisted learning, horsemanship training, riding lessons, enlightenment of natural horsemanship and non-violent training techniques.
?Nurture therapeutic relationships between people and horses through riding programs and meaningful contact.

Adoption Policy

As our horses are generally older and usually come with some form of health issue, we are very selective in our adoption process. It includes an application, one or multiple interviews, vet and reference checks, and a home check.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets