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Adoption Policy


Adoption information and guidelines of The Humane Society of Richland - Wilkin Counties (HSRWC):

1. The HSRWC is a non-profit, volunteer organization that advocates humane treatment and care of animals. We rescue and shelter homeless animals and strive to educate the public in regard to animal welfare laws and proper pet care. Adopting an animal is a lifetime responsibility and a commitment to that animal.

2. The adoption fee is $100 for cats (unless otherwise specified), and $200 for dogs. We accept cash or check only and do not accept debit or credit cards. This money only partially covers the veterinary expenses incurred by our organization. $20 for cats and/or $40 for dogs will be refunded upon proof of spaying or neutering your pet. Proof of completed surgery must be presented to the HSRWC. All animals adopted from the HSRWC must be altered within the time specified.

3. We require all adopters living within the Wahpeton or Breckenridge city limits purchase a city animal license at the time of adoption. The license cost is $8 for altered animals and $12 for unaltered animals.

4. NO animal will be adopted as a gift to be given to another party. Gift certificates are available for purchase to be given so the recipients may choose their own companion animal.

5. Our intent is to provide good matches between pets and people. To help us make the best matches, we ask everyone to complete a questionnaire. The HSRWC may refuse to place an animal for adoption if it is not in the best interest of the animal to be adopted by this individual or family.

6. After submitting an application, there is generally a processing period to complete all adoption paperwork before taking possession of an adopted animal.

7. Puppies and kittens under 4 months of age, and dogs less than 15 pounds (especially toy breeds) will not be placed in homes where there are children under 6 years of age. Health and humane authorities agree that a young child usually cannot be expected to properly handle a puppy or kitten. Mishandling is likely to result in injury to the animal, child, or both. The HSRWC understands this may be a very difficult policy for some people to accept, but when injuries occur, it's a sad situation for all involved.

8. At the time of adoption, all prospective adopters must show a valid driver's license or other acceptable identification to verify their name, address, and age. Adopters must be at least 18 years old.

9. If the adopter lives in an apartment, rental home or property, trailer court or condominium, landlord approval is required.

10. All cats will be adopted as strictly indoor pets. All dogs are intended to be companion animals and must have adequate shelter. The majority of dogs are adopted as indoor pets.

11. As a rule, potential adopters are required to have all deceased and existing pets spayed or neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations before an adoption can be approved. Members of the HSRWC will contact your veterinarian for confirmation before approval of an adoption.

12. The HSRWC cannot guarantee the health and temperament of any animal.

The Humane Society of Richland - Wilkin Counties (HSRWC) reserves the right to decline adoption of any animal for any reason if it feels that the home will not be a good match. Please understand that by answering questions and filling out adoption forms does not guarantee the adoption of the pet, nor are you obligated to adopt the pet. We adopt to homes that are the best fit for our animals' needs and not on a first-come/first-serve basis.

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