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Our Mission

Far North Feline Rescue is a small team of determined and dedicated cat lovers who believe cat lives matter. Our foster home-based rescue's focus is on areas outside of Fargo, ND - Moorhead, MN that have no municipal pound or an animal control system with designated officers and a building. Priority is given to cats in danger of physical and environmental hazards, and neglect/cruelty cases. Too often in our area cats are viewed as disposable and are not provided adequate shelter and access to fresh water and food. The mindset is that cats can fend for themselves and catch their own food like mice and birds, although even working barn cats require proper nutrition and calories and warm shelter from the frigid upper midwest winters to do their rodent control jobs. The need for cat rescue is great, but the availability of shelters and rescues that are specifically cat focused is small.

Adoption Policy

Initial contact is usually made via email. Potential adopters are asked to provide basic information such as if they rent or own their residence; have any other pets in the household; have any children in the household; and if they are an established client with a veterinary clinic. Answers to these questions help us determine the best fit for them among the cats available for adoption. Then a meet and greet is set up for that cat in the foster home where more questions can be asked, and the adopter and cat interaction can be observed. Our adoption process is NOT that the first one to contact us is the one who gets to adopt the kitten/cat, and that can be difficult for certain potential adopters to accept. Our goal is to put the kitten or cat in the right home the first time. We allow for a 2 week trial period and the cat or kitten can then be returned to us without judgment and the adoption fee refunded.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets