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Come visit our  shelter at 9 9th Street South in Fargo.

We are gearing up for Kitten Season 2015!  As of May, we have kittens - several different litters, at different ages, some with moms and some without.  Kittens are very fragile and don't have strong immune systems, so they live in foster homes until they are old enough to be vaccinated and visit the shelter for open house.   We aren't always able to get clear photos of kittens, especially those who are still with siblings and/or mom (they move so quickly and arent' interested in posing!!), so if you are interested in adopting a kitten, please visit our open houses to meet the kittens who are old enough to be shown.   

We are always looking for foster families – volunteers that are willing to take a cat or kitten(s) into their home for extra attention or care.  Young kittens are always placed in foster homes because they require much more supervision and socialization than older ca

Adoption Policy

The Cat's Cradle Shelter is dedicated to finding the right permanent home for each cat.  We offer a three week trial period for each adoption and we will offer advice or happily take our cats back if there are any concerns.

Adoptable Cats\Kittens may be viewed online or at the shelter.  If there is a cat you are interested in, talk to a shelter representative.  To help improve the likelihood of a successful adoption, we interview prospective adopters to help ensure the cat is right for the home and the home is right for the cat.

To summarize the adoption process:

Find a cat\kitten that appeals to you
Interview with a volunteer
Cat's Cradle Shelter may ask to do a home visit
If all parties agree the cat\kitten may be a good fit for the household, the adoption can be finalized.

Cat's Cradle Shelter will not adopt cats or kittens without meeting the adopter(s) in person, nor will we ship cats or kittens.

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