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Kritter Krazy- Reptile and Exotic Rescue

Bottineau, ND

Our Mission

We aim to support the community through Rescue, Rehab, Rehoming and Education.

Adoption Policy

We start with an adoption applicaiton including address verfication and landlord permission and vet reference. Once approved, we have very thorough conversations with applicants to make sure they are aware/understand care requirements for the pet/species they are applying for. We have the adoptor come meet the animal so we can verify its a good match, they are caplable of handeling said animal safely and confidently and get a feel for the individual themselves to make sure we feel comfortable with the placement. We require all adopters interested in a caged animal to prepare their enclosure prior to adoption for approval to make sure the animal is going into a proper envrionment. We make sure all animals are going into safe enviroments, making sure there are no other animals in the home that may be harmful, that everyone in the home is in agreement to adding another animal to the family ect. We contract all of our adoptions making sure the adoptor agrees to no breeding of species that are not eligible for alteration, they will provide routine and emergency vet care if needed and we also require if at any point they cant keep the animal it MUST be returned to us.

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