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Rosey's Rescue

Wilmington, NC

Our Mission

Rosey’s Rescues is a 501(c)3, non-profit Rescue group. It is a home fostering organization meant to be short term, but not always, due to medical or behavioral issues, to get dogs/puppies ready to be adopted. If the dog is deemed unadoptable, due to extensive medical issues, birth or injury related deformities, or behavioral issues, the dog stays here for the remainder of his/her life. I started out fostering for other rescue groups in 2011, and branched out on my own in 2013, rescuing, but not as a 501(c)3. On February 10, 2018, I became a nonprofit, so that I may provide the medical care that they need, as I always take in less desirable dogs and ones with medical needs that other rescues cannot take in. I am not tied down to any one specific breed, I will take in any breed that is in need, provided I have an available spot, but I mostly foster the bully breeds.

Adoption Policy

How To Adopt The Adoption Process Thank you for your interest in adopting through Roseys Rescue. We only do adoptions on Saturday's, at Pet Supplies Plus - North Wilmington, NC, in Porters Neck, 134 Hays Lane, Wilmington, NC 28411. We do not allow potential adopters to come to where the dogs/puppies are housed. It is Roseys personal home and not a public facility. Please don't send a message or email, asking if you can come and "pick one out", or bring your dog to meet them. Roseys Rescue often receives multiple applications on the same dog. We do not adopt on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. We prefer placement with a home that is the best home for each particular pup. Roseys Rescue does not "hold" dogs/pups for anyone. Not even with a deposit. We want to be fair to everyone interested in adopting, and do not want people upset that "the one they wanted", was adopted before the adoption event. We encourage potential adopters to come to our adoption event, to meet the pups and talk with the volunteers to determine if the pup you are interested in, will be a good fit for your family and lifestyle. The pups will be in a large play pen, that you are welcome to go inside and visit with the pups to see which one would be the best match. If you have another dog/dogs, you are welcome to bring them to make certain they will accept each other. Due to volunteer constraints, we prefer you come to the adoption event and meet the dogs and ask questions at that time. Roseys Rescue receives many emails and texts, requesting a return phone call, text or email. Please understand that the rescue is a small rescue, and Rosey does all the fostering and care for the dogs, as well as runs the rescue by herself and rarely has time to make phone calls or answer questions about available dogs. You can find any information about the available dogs on the website or Roseys Rescue Facebook Page. Adoption is not guaranteed. Every potential adopter must fill out an application/contract to be determined if it's approved, prior to adopting. You can either email your completed application prior to the adoption event, or print it out and bring with you, however it is recommended you email your completed application prior, so that references can be checked, instead of waiting to adoption event, where we can't always check references, and you won't be able to take the pup/dog home with you that day. Applications/Contracts can be found on website. Once the application is completed and reviewed, we will let you know if you are approved or denied. * There are several reasons we may choose to deny your request to adopt from us. These reasons include but are not limited to: negative references from veterinarian and/or personal references, lack of permission from landlord or breed restrictions on homeowners insurance policy, lack of understanding of needs of rescue dogs, too young, applicant name found on a “Do not adopt” list, etc.* Once you have been approved, a team member will go over all the medical records thoroughly with you, and make sure it's understood the requirements and supplies needed to properly care for your new pup. We will go over the vaccine history, what you can expect as far as behavior from the dog you choose, the food they eat and the needs of each individual dog. You will receive the original medical records when you take your pup home. The adoption fee is $275.00 and must be paid when you pick up your pup. We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Venmo or Cash. No Checks. Roseys Rescue does not do out of state adoptions.

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