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Our Mission

RescueConnect was founded in 2013. A love of animals and a desire to serve those that were falling through the cracks of existing rescue options led to the creation of the group.

Helping homeless animals in NC and SC since 2014
RescueConnect was started to help the overwhelming number of homeless beagles and bassets that find themselves homeless in North and South Carolina.

Over the years we have expanded our partnership models to provide assistance to homeless cats and to include a wider range of breeds, but still focus on beagles, bassets, mixes of these breeds or other adoptable dogs under 50lbs. We also support cats by helping locals with TNR efforts and placing cats deemed socialized after trapping find forever families through local adoption. As we have gained cat rescue volunteer fosters, we have been able to provide assistance to shelters across North Carolina.

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We work with animal shelters in North and South Carolina to identify adoptable dogs that have no option for local adoption or rescue. We also support good samaritans that find homeless animals and people that find themselves with animals they can no longer care for. After coming to RescueConnect all dogs receive spay or neuter, heartworm screening and treatment if needed, vaccinations and microchips.

Whe support solutions to the cat overpopulation problem in eastern NC by participating in TNR (Trap Neuter Release) efforts to limit their population. Kittens or cats trapped during these efforts that are deemed socialized are fostered and adopted locally in Wilmington, NC.

Adoption Policy

Our foster animals are tested, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Most are also microchipped.

RescueConnect requires a written application for adopting any animal in our care. The application is reviewed, references are checked, and a home visit is required prior to finalization of any adoption.

By submitting this application, I authorize any veterinarian or veterinary hospital/professional/kennel to furnish or discuss with any representative of RescueConnect all records in their possession regarding the care of the applicants past or present animals. This authorization shall remain valid for one year after the date it is submitted. Upon presentation of this release of information or a photocopy of same, you are directed to permit the personal review or discuss with a representative of RescueConnect the veterinary/kennel records.

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