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ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center

Weaverville, NC

Our Mission

Using our behavioral, operations, and medical expertise, we rehabilitate dogs with behaviors that impact adoptability and/or quality of life, collaborate in educational partnerships, and conduct innovative research to elevate holistic behavioral healthcare for all animals.

Adoption Policy

When the BRC receives an adoption inquiry about a dog, a BRC Behavior Specialist reaches out via email to the potential adopter. They provide the dog’s Adoption Profile which explains a little more about the dog, and they also provide some general information about the BRC program, the population of dogs we serve, and what an adopter might expect if they bring home a graduate of our program. If the person pursues the adoption, the Behavior Specialist schedules a phone call to discuss the dog in more detail and to get more information about the adopter and their circumstances (home life, other pets, children, etc.). If, after the phone conversation, the potential adopter and our staff member both feel that the dog and adopter are a good match, an in-person meet and greet is scheduled for the adopter (and family if applicable) to meet the dog.

BRC dogs can often go home right after the first meet and greet if the adopter is ready to take a dog home, but the BRC also welcomes potential adopters to go home and think it over or discuss with other members of the family, or even to set up additional meets with other family members or the family dogs, etc. Our adoption process is conversation based with the goal of making a successful match between the adopter(s) and a dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets