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Granville County Animal Shelter

515 New Commerce Drive
Oxford, NC 27565

Our Mission

The Granville County Animal Management Division exists to protect the public from the introduction and spread of rabies and from incidence and harm from animals. The Division also protect domestic animals from neglect and abuse. Animal Management is responsible for upholding and enforcing the Granville County Animal Management Ordinance, the State of North Carolina Regulations, and applicable Federal regulations. Animal Management also shelters strays and unwanted animals, providing proper living conditions, sanitation, nourishment, and basic health care while making every attempt to reunite with owners or re-home. The Division also works within the community to promote services to encourage vaccinations, spay/neuter, and a spirit of volunteerism. Please call to setup an appointment today 919-693-6749!

Adoption Policy

We ask that you have a veterinarian appointment scheduled for your new pet for a wellness examine, microchip implant, and spay or neuter. You can not own any pets that are not currently spayed or neutered. You will need written permission from whom ever you rent or lease your home from that you are allowed to have that kind of animal you are adopting. We ask that all animals adopted from Granville County comply with all local, state, and federal animal related laws. We do not allow adopted dogs to be chained up outside.

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