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Our Mission

Kitten season is here and we are swamped with new arrivals. Please take a look at all the cats we have available and if you are interested - PLEASE email us.  We would love to help find the perfect addition to our family!

We are a small group of animal rescuers networking to help animals find their new homes.  We do this on our own time, on top of our regular jobs.  Help is always needed!  Everything we do for these babies comes out of our pockets...the small adoption fees barely covers the vetting.  Of course, all rescues are in the same situation!  Each animal we rescue will stay with us in our home (or another foster home) until a permanent home is located.  At no time will we ever turn our back on one we have rescued.  It may take time - but they will always be safe with us.

Adoption Policy

If you are interested in adopting one of the animals you see, please fill out an application.Our adoption fee of $150 for one cat, or $250 for two cats, helps to cover the costs associated with vetting. Since all of our animals are in foster homes, we will make arrangements for you to meet kitties after you are approved to adopt. 

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets