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Critter Committee

Mooresville, NC

Our Mission

NOTE - You must be willing to meet us in the Mooresville, NC area if adopting.

So many people don’t bat an eye towards how some small animals are being treated, and that’s where we step in.

Our entire goal within this process is to help animals and find them homes where they will be cherished forever!

We take in abuse, neglect, abandonment, and unwanted animal cases. It brings so much joy to see a pet transform over time and finally feel love, and so that is why we do it.

It all started when I (owner) rescued my first gecko from a neglect/mistreatment case. I gave them such a wonderful life, and I believe every animal deserves the chance to be saved.

The reason I am adopting the animals I rescue out is not because they take time, but because I want consistent room so I can continue to help more!

Adoption Policy

1. Find a pet that feels like a match for you!

2. Fill out the adoption application.

3. Wait patiently for an email to let you know you’re accepted. You will also most likely receive videos and photos of your requested pet unless you’ve asked otherwise!

4. Discuss time/place. Any public setting, due to covid precautions.

5. Meet your new pet and take them home! (If it ends up not being a match, don’t feel obligated to go home with the animal. We want the best homes for these pets!)

Adoption Application

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