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Our Mission

Stevie's Saviors Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue established in honor of our late Stevie Nix who we lost suddenly July 2023. Our mission is to speak for the voiceless, and give second-chance animals a first-class loving home.

Adoption Policy

The above described animal is being adopted solely as a pet for myself and/or immediate family. I agree that I will not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of said animal to any person(s), shelter, dealer, retailer, auction, institute or any other entity for any reason. If, at any time I am unable or unwilling to keep this animal, I agree to immediately return him/her to Stevie’s Saviors, or to a foster appointed by Stevie’s Saviors.

I hereby agree to care for the above described animal in a humane and responsible manner and to provide him/her with clean and adequate shelter, food, water, and veterinary care. I further agree that said animal shall reside inside my home and shall not be allowed to roam freely.

I understand that many animals are uncomfortable, even frightened, around children, so particular care will be provided if children are interacting with the adoptive animal. I accept full responsibility for all such circumstances and any problems that may occur.
I hereby agree to have the animal examined annually by a licensed veterinarian and kept current on all recommended vaccinations.

Stevie’s Saviors covers the following care for each animal depending on the age of the pet:
A series of 3 DAPP/FVR-CP vaccines for cats less than 6 months of age or a series of 2 DAPP/FVR-CP vaccines for cats > 6 months of age.
A 1 year Rabies vaccination
A 1 year Bordetella vaccination (dog)
A FeLV/FIV combo (cat) or Heartworm (dog) test
Examination by Veterinarian
Intestinal parasite screen and dewormings until cleared of parasites
Microchipping at the time of spay/neuter
All necessary treatments and medications required for the animal to be cleared as healthy prior to adoption unless otherwise stated above as a pre-existing medical condition.

I hereby acknowledge that if I adopt an animal prior to the completion of their vaccine series or sterilization surgery, I am required to return the animal to a veterinarian within Stevie's Saviors network for the remainder of its care until all of the above medical care has been completed. If I seek medical care outside of Stevie’s Saviors veterinary network, I understand it will be at my expense unless otherwise stated by the organization. Medical care covered by the organization that is performed outside of Stevie’s Saviors veterinary network requires a written approval from Stevie’s Saviors in order for funds to be processed through the organization.

I hereby agree to retrieve the animal from any public shelter if notified he/she is there, and to contact Stevie’s Saviors immediately if the animal is lost, stolen or dies.

I understand that Stevie’s Saviors makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, about the animal’s health. I am aware that this animal may have been exposed to contagious or infectious disease or may have been injured prior to rescue by Stevie’s Saviors. Despite veterinary care already provided and Stevie’s Saviors’ best efforts to ensure he/she is healthy and sound, unknown conditions may exist. Stevie’s Saviors will in no way be responsible for any health problems that may arise. I furthermore agree to care for the animal should he/she develop a health problem, and I understand that veterinary care can be expensive.

I understand that many animals require a number of weeks to adjust to a new home, regardless of whether other animals and/or children are present. Stevie’s Saviors recommends that adopters exercise prudence, caution and patience when introducing an animal into a new environment. Stevie’s Saviors is available to assist with introduction and/or any adjustment issues.

I hereby acknowledge if I miss a scheduled appointment paid for by Stevie’s Saviors Inc. and/or fail to maintain contact with the rescue it will nullify this agreement and I will be financially responsible for the remainder of the animal’s care.

I understand that scratching is a natural behavior and I will provide appropriate outlets to allow my cat to act upon this healthy instinct. I agree to never get the animal declawed, as it is inhumane and illegal in multiple states within the United States.

I realize the adoption fee stated above helps to offset medical costs incurred in the care of my adopted cat/dog, as well as other animals in the care of Stevie’s Saviors. The animal is adopted on a trial basis for ten days, and may be returned for a 75% refund of the adoption fee within that time. After the trial period, the fee is not refundable if the animal is returned to Stevie’s Saviors.

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