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Fur-Ever Home Animal Rescue of NC, Inc.

Lumberton, NC

Our Mission

Hi! Fur-Ever Home Animal Rescue of NC, Inc. is simply a group of friends that share the same interest: animal welfare. We have all been involved in animal rescue for several years, and finally took the leap to start a rescue with standards that we believe in!
We have seen first-hand the sadness and despair in an animal’s eyes when it is just begging for help, love, or a bite to eat. Our goal is to help as many of these souls as we can, while upholding a high standard of care for them.
We are 100% foster-based and rely solely on donations and volunteers to help us run! If you would like to become a part of our mission, send us a message! We love to meet people who share our love and compassion for abandoned, unwanted, mistreated, and misunderstood animals!

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