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TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC - Pitt County

Greenville, NC

Our Mission

TNRFCI of NC is a Self-Funded Nonprofit Animal Rescue Advocacy Organization.
TNRFCI advocates for and promotes County and Municipality TNR Programs || Low cost Spay / Neuter Options || Emergency Support for Animal Protective Service Divisions throughout North Carolina.

Our Mission
TNRFCI of NC (TNRFCI) is a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are dedicated to stabilize and reduce the feral and stray cat population. We promotes TNR (trap-neuter-return) of Feral Cats and responsible management of Community Cat Colonies.

When TNR is not a feasible option for a business or community, such as:
* ecologically sensitive or unhealthy areas;
* areas where demolition or development is impending;
* areas where cats are being subjected to harm, neglect, or abuse
* nuisance complaints cannot be satisfactorily mediated and feral cats are over-populated
* instances of emergency outreach assistance provided to animal services divisions (i.e. natural disasters, hoarding, cruelty situations)
...we utilize foster care network and adoption through rehabilitation / relocation of sterilized and vaccinated feral cats and kittens removed from that unsafe environment.

Adoption Policy

TNRFCI doesn't have an adoption center. We have an amazing Rehabilitation Foster Network, so our adoptable cats and kittens are in different homes.

Since our main mission is working to TNR (Trap-Sterilize-Vaccinate-Return) Feral Cats and Kittens, we only offer adoptions under special circumstances for cats and kittens that are evaluated and assessed as preferring to be people-oriented pets.

All our adoptable cats and kittens come from situations where they:
- Need relocation because of dangerous conditions
- Are from abuse/hoarding circumstances
- Have disabilities
- Are injured/special needs

These cats and kittens have lived lives of being a "Scared Feral" vs. a "Friendly Stray", so they take a little more time to adjust in a new environment and develop trust. It takes a lot more patience and understanding from someone interested in adopting them.

They are more fearful and nervous of noises and new people -- but they also bond very deeply with anyone that cares enough to take on the challenge of giving them a chance at a forever home. Though we want to find our Rehabilitated Feral Cats and Kittens their perfect-fit forever home, we are dedicated to being honest and transparent with anyone interested of the challenges faced in adopting cats or kittens from these types of unfortunate life circumstances.

For this reason, we focus on adopting these cats and kittens locally (Pitt County / Greenville, North Carolina) and do not transport them to other areas in case there are any issues or if something happens and a person cannot keep the cat for any reason.

Since we only handle direct adoptions in "special cases"…our adoption process is a little different. We offer a 30-Day "Foster to Adopt" Process.

Here's how it works:
• Fill out our Adoption Application Questionnaire
• When an application is received and approved, you'll be called to discuss the cat/kitten and answer any questions
• We will transport the cat/kitten to you, so you can meet it in your home environment
(We've just found it to be a more relaxed transition and less stressful for a cat/kitten coming into a new environment)
• If you feel the cat/kitten may be a good fit, you can keep the cat/kitten overnight and let us know the next day if you want to have a 30-day "foster-to-adopt" period to verify that it is perfect addition to your family and home
• If there are any problems, issues or questions, you can call us to help or to get the cat/kitten
• At the end of 30 days, the adoption contract is processed -- but if can be done before the 30 days if you decide the cat/kitten is the right fit sooner

Working with cats/kittens that all come from emergency rescues, we use this type of adoption process as sort of an "eHarmony Style" of compatibility for cats/kittens to match them in their perfect forever home.

We genuinely appreciate interest in adopting our cats and kittens, but always recommend checking your local Animal Shelter ( first, because many of those cats and kittens don't have very long to find homes. Also, one of the best ways to find the cat that is the perfect fit for you is to Foster ( for your local shelter or rescues. It's not only a tremendous need for rescue and cats/kittens in socializing them, but you're truly able to find your feline "soulmate".

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