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Operation Healing Whiskers

Fayetteville, NC

Our Mission

Our passion is placing cats & kittens with humans that need them the most. We understand that life isn't perfect, and for some it's a downright struggle. It's our goal to see that these furry felines find their perfect forever homes with their perfect human.

Placement of pets with those that suffer from physical or emotional trauma, and need that special friend in their lives, is done separately and differently than a normal adoption. But we open our hearts and arms to those in need and see to it that those needs are fulfilled.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is not difficult, but we are particular about where our babies go. A regular adoption is simple, where we discuss the adopters needs, what they are looking for, and we do our best to match them with the perfect feline!

For those that are requesting a pet as an ESA, it is a little bit more involved. We do require all of what is stated above, as well as a letter from a therapist or doctor stating that the person would benefit from an emotional support companion, as well as a letter from their rental company, if applicable, that states that they are permitted to have an ESA.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets