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Our Mission

Our name is in memory of our sweet Minny -- a kitten who created a community of love that planted a seed to give every kitten a fighting chance, in his memory. Our mission is to Trap, Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate and Return community cats of Southwest Florida (we moved!) to prevent the useless suffering of cats and kittens like Minny. His legacy lives on through the compassionate rescue of kittens that deserve that fighting chance, just like Minny did. Regardless of the ending to their story, each and every cat and kitten that joins Minny to the Rescue is shown compassionate care and given their very best chance - because that's what they deserve.

Adoption Policy

Minimum requirements:
21 years of age or older
Live within 6 hours driving distance of Dunn NC*
Reliable transportation
Ability to pay adoption fee at time of adoption
Sign adoption contract

*If the animal you would like to adopt is Special Needs, please speak with us about forgiving the distance requirement*

Submission of adoption application
Reviewed by team within 48 hours
Pre-approved or denied
Pre-approved applicants interviewed
Setup meet and greet
Pay fee + sign contract
Take your baby HOME!

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Recommended Pets