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About Great Pyrenees

This noble breed, known as the “gentle giant,” is a Livestock Guardian Dog, originally bred in the Pyrenees Mountains of France.  They are calm, patient, and smart, and were bred to work and think independently to protect the herds that were their responsibility.  They are known to be affectionate and gentle with children, and protective and loyal to their family.  This is a large breed, with males growing to 110-120 pounds on average, while females reach 85-100 pounds.  They have a heavy double coat that requires regular grooming.

The rescue founder provides room, board, and love for the dogs that are accepted into the rescue, but we DESPERATELY need your help to continue providing a safe home and medical care for current and future rescues.  Spaying, neutering, and vaccinations are a significant expense, but absolutely necessary.  Please consider making a donation now to help us ensure that each dog is happy and healthy, so that they c

Adoption Policy

Why A Rescue?

The very characteristics that make this wonderful breed so desirable to many, can make them vulnerable to neglect or eventual surrender in the homes of those who are unprepared for the responsibilities with raising a dog with specific needs to accommodate their size, need for space, secure boundaries, and maintenance of the beautiful heavy coat.  Sometimes, the family circumstances change, relocations happen, and a new home must be found.  Often, the story is more tragic.  Backyard breeders abound, and puppy mill rescues are brought here to find forever homes.  Because the ultimate goal is to find families for the rescues, they are handled, loved, and groomed daily, socialized with the rescue volunteers and each other, so that they will be well-tempered.  Occasionally, due to behavior problems related to previous abuse or fear, or advanced age or special health needs, a dog will be considered un-adoptable.  Those dogs are guaranteed a home here at the rescue. We are listed with Guidestar.

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