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The Road Less Traveled - Animal Welfare Foundation

Great Falls, MT

Our Mission

To provide kindness, medical care, and transportation for the neglected and unwanted animals in Central Montana. To assist those who cannot afford to S/N their pets, and provide them with the basic needs they require (we will be starting a "Sponsor a Spay" Program this Fall). Lastly, to partner with the surrounding state's Rescues & Humane Societies, and transport dogs & pups to their facilities, where they can have a chance at a healthy and happy life, as the human population in Montana cannot support the quantity of neglected and unwanted animals we have in the state.

Adoption Policy

* Currently our logo & website are being designed, and should be completed at the end of the month/beginning of August.
Those who are interested can email us at, and we will provide an application for them to fill out. We will review the application, and if approved (after vetting of the references/landlords/vet etc.), they will be contact by email & by phone. If they are local, we will set up a time for them to come over and meet the dog/pup they are interested in. If they are out of state, we do provide transport, and can schedule a time to meet, but will also FaceTime to ensure the dog/pup is a right fit. If everything proceeds, they will sign a contract with us, and pay the adoption fee, prior to handing over the dog/pup. we will do weekly check-ins for the first few weeks, and then occasionally reach out, to ensure the transition was sucessful.

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