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Our Mission

Quailwings Rescue shall promote the humane treatment of animals and foster respect, understanding and compassion for all creatures. We provide care and safe harbor for animals afflicted by neglect, abandonment and abuse. We will strive relentlessly to eradicate neglect, abandonment and abuse. We work to reunite lost or found animals with their owners. We are dedicated to lowering the numbers of animals needlessly destroyed due to overpopulation by promoting the spaying and neutering of ALL companion animals. We will endeavor relentlessly to enhance the bond between humans and animals through adoption, education and services for responsible, compassionate pet ownership.

Adoption Policy

All adopters start by filling out an adoption application. Messages, text, emails are responded to with information about the animal that they are interested in adopting. The application is returned. We do home visits, vet reference check, three personal reference checks and landlord checks are done. Phone calls are made to the potential adopter about the animal and questions are answered about the animal's care and history.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets