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Our Mission

FIXIN THE COAST - Is a Mississippi Registered Nonprofit, Charity and IRS 501c3 - As such our MISSION is FIXIN Feral Cats/Community Cats/Homeless Cats, through TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, Return)! We occasionally provide temporary foster homes for homeless mother cats and their kittens, until weaned. In addition we work with orphaned kittens and cats/kittens that are in danger.

Adoption Policy

We require a vet reference (name, phone number and a pet name that vet sees). There is an adoption fee.

We like to speak to our adopters to ensure a good fit for our cats. We try very hard to have happy homes, furever and the best way to do that is to have a conversation to ensure we understand your wants, needs, desires and that you understand the pet you are interested in.

DISCLOSURE - We do not advocate "MIXED BREED" cats as "Hypoallergenic". Please DO NOT ADOPT based on mixed breed type alone IF you are allergic to cats. Talk to your Doctor and your Veterinarian first, because your wellbeing is important to us. Our goal is to keep our cats with the original adopter at all costs, so please keep your health safe and the future of the kitty you adopt. Since our cats are rescued from homeless situations, we seldom have full backgrounds on them, ages are approximate (unless born in our foster care) and breeds are "BEST GUESSES" based on known traits/appearances and parents information IF AVAILABLE.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets