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Our Mission

Our rescue may be small, but we have a big mission. George County animals are terribly underserved and uncared for as a whole. Many animals are abandoned or neglected with no safe place to go for help. Many kind people are forced to care for those helpless creatures that are dumped on their doorstep. But their space, money, and time are limited. Lucky’s Little Rescue was inspired by one of these animals that was abused and left to fend for herself. Lucky reminds us every day why our mission is so important. As a rescue, we aim to provide love and care to as many of those forgotten furry companions as we can. Though we may be limited at first, we hope to build a reliable and trustworthy network of fosters to better serve the community and neighboring communities. It is our dream, and our mission, to make sure that animals in our county no longer have to suffer mistreatment and cruel indifference. And that all animals will one day know what it means to be a part of a family.

Adoption Policy

Adopters who reach out through Facebook have to fill out an adoption form online. Their profile is screened for anything that might raise a red flag. The adoption fee has to be paid. Then, they either meet or come to the shelter to pick up their adopted pet.

Adopters who come to the shelter directly have to be screened less thoroughly with mostly just questions about the home and intentions with the animal. If we determine it is a good fit, the adopters will fill out a paper adoption form and pay the adoption fee. Animals that are not sterilized cannot be removed from the shelter until sterilization.

  • day hours
    Monday 9am-4pm
    Tuesday 9am-4pm
    Wednesday 9am-4pm
    Thursday 9am-4pm
    Friday 9am-4pm
    Saturday 10am-2pm
    Sunday Closed
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