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Our Mission

For Pet's Sake Rescue is currently based in Long Beach, Mississippi. Our goal is to provide strays and abused animals a safe haven to heal, rehabilitate, and get a true chance at the life they deserve.

Our rescue focuses in healing animals and teaching them pet-like behaviors during their time with us. We spend time with each animal individually to learn their personality and make sure they are matched with the right family.

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption Process:
1. Once we receive the completed application, we will call your references, employer, and landlord (if applicable).
2. Provide a photo ID with your current address or current mail with current address with your submitted application. Your ID and additional forms can be attached to this application.
a. If the address on your ID does not match your current address, both items are required.
3. Once you get an approval, we will send you an invoice for the adoption. Fees will not be refunded once your pet is on hold if you change your mind. We hold pets for serious adopters only.
4. Lastly, we require a "home visit." A home visit is virtual via photos. We require photos of your home showing it is safe for a pet.

**We reserve the right to refuse an adoption**

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets