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Southern Cross Animal Rescue

1712 Hwy 184 E
Laurel, MS 39443

Our Mission

We aim to impact the severe overpopulation problem in the south by not only rescuing animals, but also helping through educating the public, community outreach, foster networks, and transport programs. We are a 501c3, non-profit organization. Our building is being remodeled but we aren't letting that slow us down! We are actively saving animals thanks to a network of local foster families. Since we are small and we cannot take every animal in need (as much as that breaks our hearts) we focus on the more desperate cases - animals starving in the streets, sick, mangy, or injured animals, and animals on death row in kill shelters.

We have big goals, big dreams, and hope sincerely that you will help us make a difference for all of us.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopters come through and meet the animal they are wanting to adopt. After they have decided that they want to go through with the adoption process, they fill out an application. Our board looks over the application and decides if the person would be a good fit. If they are, we then do a vet check to make sure all of their current animals are on disease prevention and up to date on their vaccines. Once all of this looks good and in order, they are approved for the adoption of the animal.

  • day hours
    Monday 10-2
    Tuesday By Appointment Only
    Wednesday 10-2
    Thursday By Appointment Only
    Friday 10-2
    Saturday By Appointment Only
    Sunday Closed
    By appointment only

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